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Uncover the “HL-100 Account” Average People are Using Today, to Grow Wealthy and Take Financial Control Away from the Banks...

Tap Into a 200 Year Old Hidden Fountain of TAX FREE Wealth... PLUS... Never Get Ripped Off When Financing Cars, Equipment, Real Estate, Vacations, and More... Even During a Crisis or Pandemic... 

Dear Freedom Seeker, 

Imagine working with a perfect type of savings account.

An account that actually earns great interest... Reliably every single year. Instead of doling out a lousy 0% - 2%... If you're lucky.

Even in times of crisis, pandemic, or when you're out of work or your business isn't running. 

And one that's run by a bank manager who works for you... Not against you...

So, you know you'll get the cash you need...

...for homes, renovations, cars, vacations, business equipment and more... 

Instead of begging for every last penny and feeling like your entire life is under a microscope just to get a tiny loan.

Plus, where you're actually getting paid interest on the cash you're using... Instead of getting raked over the coals on interest payments.

And where you never worry about getting turned down because of a bad credit score...

...or fighting the repo man if you run into some type of financial problem down the line.

Now imagine if that same secret savings account could finance everything you need in life...

... while still virtually GUARANTEEING your kids or grand kids a 6 figure retirement income... Just because you had the foresight to make a monthly deposit of less than $167 until they turned 21.

I'm talking about the type of an account that helps you live the freest possible life... Instead of cramming you into one more box of control, regulations, and power hungry, pencil necked, bureaucrats.

It might seem unbelievable, but its not only possible, its easier than you think.

Because while this type of opportunity evades most of us our entire lives, its a reality for many millionaires and billionaires in the US and Canada.


It’s simple...

Because even “smart” college-educated entrepreneurs have little to no understanding of how money, banks, and investment vehicles actually work. 

This is, of course, not an accident. It is by design!

Because the banks know this lack of education forces the average American to unnecessarily give away a large chunk of their hard earned money... While they make a fortune. 

Their business model makes it virtually impossible to get ahead or even pay the bills... Much less build any lasting wealth.

Most people foolishly chalk this up to “the cost of living”. 

But not everyone...

The Elites Have Exclusive Access to an HL-100 Account.

And they hope you never discover it.


Banks, finance, and credit card companies engineer the financial lives of the poor and middle-class. 

They build empires on the backs of ignorant masses through covert financial manipulation. 

It’s no accident… 

The rich get richer and the powerful gain more power using one simple tool.


It’s been said, businesses come and go…

But banking is forever.

Now… what if you could turn the tables on the bankers and beat them at their own game…

...with a 100% legal strategy…

One that’s been quietly paying out for close to 200 years. 

It survived (and thrived) during the great recession, the great depression, and it will continue to be a safe haven for wealth in any financial storm.

I mean, take a moment and just imagine yourself...

I Get It... You’re Skeptical

I was too.

Listen, this HL-100 Account doesn’t involve having millions of dollars, any SEC filings, or friends in high places.

And no… this is NOT some get rich quick scheme. 

It could take you 5-20 years to fully reap ALL the benefits of this strategy, depending on how you want to use it. But thanks to the many options, you'll see the first of many in less than 15 - 30 days.

And yes... It will require a great deal of patience and diligence on your part.

And yes... it’s worth it because it pays off big time if you stick with it.

Still skeptical? I get it.

Most people are extremely skeptical before they read the incredible book I’m about to introduce you to. 


Because “Unlearning” Is Much Harder Than Learning!

As I’m sure you’ll agree, we’ve all been indoctrinated by The State. 

They started filling our heads with these “control programs” starting at a very young age.

They’ve filled our heads with so much financial garbage it’s actually normal to find the idea of “being your own banker” and taking your power into your own hands rather offensive... at first.

So, don’t take my word for it.

Just look at some of the 5-star reviews from investors, financial planners, and people who consider themselves“already very financially savvy”.

When Would You Want to Know?

“Wish I would have found this 10 years ago!”

Nick, investment advisor of 15+ years

Verified Buyer

Read it 5 Times

“Buy the book and read it 5 times. You’ll be better and smarter for it.”

Hank Irvine

Verified Buyer

Pays for Itself

“This book will pay for itself thousands of times over.”

P. Cook

Verified Buyer

Novel, But Powerful Concept

“Instead of borrowing money from these banks and making them rich through the interest we pay, we can create our own bank, borrow money from it, and pay interest back to our bank! Novel, but very powerful concept...”

D.U. from Hawaii

Verified Buyer

What revolutionary, yet little-known book are a handful of savvy internationally aware investors and freedom-seekers talking about?

It's called...

Becoming Your Own Banker By R. Nelson Nash

Don’t be fooled by the old-looking cover of this book. 

While R. Nelson Nash discovered this concept and wrote the first edition a number of years ago, it’s still relevant, doable, and in today’s time… even more necessary.

In fact, there’s an entire institute devoted to updating and making this strategy relevant… and you’ll discover which $564.5 billion industry I’m referring to in just a moment.

Inside the pages of this fascinating book, you’ll discover a concept that most financial planners are too unimaginative to think of… 

...or too scared to tell you about because it confuses their peanut-sized, government-indoctrinated brain.

In Becoming Your Own Banker, you’ll uncover the power to turn the tables on the bankers. You get to spin the Chess board around, reversing the game in your favor.

Most Americans are doomed to pay interest on everything they finance for the rest of their lives. 

In fact, on average, 34.5 cents of every disposable dollar the “Average Joe” makes is paid out in interest.

If you decide to remain at Average Joe level financial knowledge it’s like…

You’re sprinting toward financial freedom... 

with a 345 M.P.H. headwind blowing in your face!

I suggest you get this book (see details below) and achieve financial independence and security, much MUCH faster. Because...

Most Americans are forced to pay absurd taxes on any wealth they generate, in the form of capital gains tax.

But not you. You won’t be subject to such exploitation.

Quite the contrary. 

With the financial vehicles and structures outlined in this book, you’ll benefit from earned interest when you make large purchases or even splurge on a vacation. JUST like big bankers do.

Essentially, it outlines a perfectly legal set of financial instruments that allow you to loan money to yourself… and earn back interest in the process. 

When you buy or invest in anything… you profit from the interest, instead of spending it.

I know I know, it sounds too good to be true. That’s what everyone says. Even I said that. In fact, when a friend first introduced me to this concept I said...

"Yeah, Right!"

And guess what? I was dead wrong.

So wrong, after I dug into it more, I'm doing it... My parents are doing it... The Canadians and Americans on my team are doing it... And...

My suggestion to you?

Prove your inner skeptic wrong by grabbing a copy of this book. 

It’s a tiny investment with a massive ROI, should you choose to apply the concepts inside properly (and patiently).

OK. How much is the book?

You can find this book on Amazon although I suggest you don’t do that.


Because I want to give you a few things that help you take advantage of the “be your own bank” principle much faster. 

Plus apply it internationally. Something you can't get anywhere else.

And because I'm dealing directly with the institute (more about that later), you'll find it at the BEST price you’ll find anywhere online… So, don’t even bother searching on Amazon.

Here’s what you’ll hold in your hands the moment you order your book:

Bonus 1 and 2:Your BYOB Cliff Notes & Cheat Sheets

This revolutionary book puts you into a financial class of your own… but like anything truly worthwhile - it requires effort. 

I’ll be honest… At times the book reads like a jungle trek through THICK weeds. 

Because let’s face it, if this strategy were easy, every lazy millennial would have their own HL-100 Account paying them tax-free interest on everything they buy.

That’s why I knew my 40 page Cliff Notes PDF and 1-Page Cheat Sheet would help you understand everything MUCH faster.

Imagine it…

You quickly glance at this PDF, find the chapter detailing which step you need to take next in setting up your HL-100 Account. Making sure you follow the books instructions to the T to set it up legally, you say...

"Wow, the Cliff Notes make establishing my HL-100 Account a breeze!"

Better yet, you avoid long frustrating discussions… 

For example: 

You hand this punchy summary to your spouse. She instantly “gets it”. 

No long confusing discussions. Heck, she might even say... 

“Honey, where did you find this... You’re a money genius!”

And most importantly…

You hand the Cheat Sheets to your lawyer and your accountant. They instantly understand the power of your HL-100 Account… not only are they eager to draft up your paperwork, they say…

“I want an HL-100 Account for myself!” 

They can’t thank you enough for letting them in on your massive wealth building secret.

Bonus 3:Exclusive Nelson Nash Institute Interview All Your Burning Questions Answered!

Here’s another thing you’ll never find on Amazon…

Unfortunately, Mr. Nash passed away a few months ago...

 But I pulled some strings and booked a private, deep-dive interview with his son-in-law and the President of Nelson's institute (which is still growing and getting stronger), David Stearn.

David is the President of Infinite Banking Concepts LLC which controls the distribution of Becoming Your Own Banker and Infinite Banking Concept materials, copyrights and trademarks. IBC LLC manages the administrative activities of the Nelson Nash Institute.

David Stearns joined Nelson in June 2004 after retiring from the U.S. Army as a Lieutenant Colonel where he served 27 years in the Army, first as a field artillery officer, then as an Army aviator.

He graduated from Buffalo State College in 1975, and received a Masters of Public Administration from Auburn University, Montgomery in 1992.

Because look, due to its complex nature, every reader has questions about this book… and I got them all answered for you in a single punchy interview.

Most importantly, I grilled David for answers on if this strategy will remain viable in 2020… Rest assured,The Becoming Your Own Banker strategy will be generating tax-free wealth long after you AND your heirs are dead and gone!

You won’t find it on YouTube. I’ll be emailing you the private link to this fascinating audio session instantly when you buy below. 

Slip on your headphones, relax, and get ready to take notes... 

You’re getting a treasure chest of wealth building wisdom that didn’t make it into the book downloaded directly to your brain.

But it gets even better... You won't even have to take those notes, because of...

Bonus 4:Interview Audio Transcript

Don’t like saving time while listening as you drive or exercise?

Then this audio transcript is for you. 

For those of us who prefer to read, skimming and scanning for juicy info to build our empire, I’ve paid top dollar for a native English speaker to produce this verbatim transcript.

Scroll through it and pick out the most astounding insights from Nelson Nash.

You’ll be highlighting and underlining this transcript like a freshman college student on too much Adderall.

And look. I know you're like me and know internationalization is vital to your success and protection...

...and if you're not already living abroad, at least part time, you'll want to soon. So, I'm also including...

Bonus 5:The BYOB Lost Chapter... Internationalization

Can you guess what happens when you blend international off-shore banking with your HL-100 Account?

You avoid even more unnecessary taxation and grow your bank much faster. 

Imagine being able to loan yourself money for an investment property, new car, or long vacation with ZERO interest…

And if you’ve ever considered international real estate, you already know the financing is an absolute nightmare.

Most people who've read or talked to anyone about the HL-100 Account think it can't be done if you plan on living abroad. But we pulled out all the stops to interview insiders to unravel the exact steps. You won't find this anywhere else (trust me, we tried).

Let’s face it - we LOVE instant gratification. It’s human nature. Now with this special unpublished internationalization chapter:

You’re sheltering 90% to 100% more of your income from taxation.

You’re taking out interest-earning loans from your HL-100 Account to finance your property abroad (something that's next to impossible with a traditional bank).

You proudly raise a middle finger to the IRS and Uncle Sam. You’re keeping more of your rightfully earned money in pocket. Congrats, YOU are a sovereign individual now.

Like I said, you could certainly buy this book on Amazon…

But why would you?

Here I’ve compiled a ton of vital bonuses you won't find anywhere else.

AND I’m giving you the best possible price.

You might wonder…

Why are you doing this Glen?

Simple really. I’m building a tribe of like-minded freedom seekers who are fed up with The Fed, central bankers, and the status quo...

...and who are tired of being slaves to an oppressive, antiquated banking system.

If you’re like me - tired of being a victim to the Elite Agenda… Then it’s time to take your financial POWER back into your own hands.

It starts with holding Becoming Your Own Banker and opening it to page 1. 

Order Becoming Your Own Banker now for $39.95 (Including US S&H).

When you click “Order My Book” below, you’re joining the ranks of thousands of savvy investors, smart libertarians, and other freedom seekers looking to live, work, and / or invest abroad...

...And who refuse to be taken advantage of any longer.

Order Becoming Your Own Banker now and I’ll send you all these extra bonus materials 100% free of charge.

Just remember... 

It takes time to establish your own HL-100 Account that pays you reliably every year... and saves you getting raked over the coals on financing. 

It can take between 5 and 20 years. Less if you’re able to use the internationalization tactics. 

My point?

If you want to loan yourself money and EARN interest and avoid taxation...

You need to START NOW.

I know. The benefits sounds ridiculous. And yet, this is exactly what the Elites do… Except it uses a small loophole that’s available to everyday people like you and me.

Take advantage of it now. 

Don’t waste one more tax year overpaying the IRS money that’s rightfully yours... 

Don’t pay one more penny of interest to the bankers...

Instead, go to bed at night knowing your wealth went UP… 

Imagine, more dollars appeared in your accounts while you slept…

You woke up just a little bit wealthier. Now THAT is reason to feel happy when you get outta bed. Right?

Start your HL-100 Account today, by reading this revolutionary book.

WARNING: This run only has 57 copies of Becoming Your Own Banker available.

Place your order now before we run out. They’re flying off our virtual shelf!

P.S. Look, neither me nor the author, or the Nash Institute make a dime when you open your HL-100 Account. We are only doing this to educate you. Because we believe its the best way to give you total personal, financial, and location independence. And defeat the rich fat cat bankers a their own game. 

Remember, when you go to your branch, you aren't dealing with bankers. You're dealing with the gophers who work in the bank (more about this in the book)... The bankers are all at a golf course in the Hamptons.

Click the button above, its 100% guaranteed.

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