Are You Interested in Bitcoin But  Unsure Where or Too Scared to Start?

Start Buying, Holding, Spending, Earning, Trading, and Selling Bitcoin in 74 Minutes Flat

This Step-By-Step Banking on Bitcoin Action Plan Takes You From Zero to Knowing More About Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency than 98.7% of the World Within Minutes.

Finally Start Owning, Earning, and Working with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Today

  • without any previous bitcoin or cryptocurrency experience
  • with zero technical skills
  • without any investing or trading know how
  • without dealing with creepy or confusing brokers or scammers
  • without doing anything illegal, shady, or complicated
  • without risk, high fees, or complicated setup

... And become perfectly positioned to use, sell, trade, or HODL.

In Fact, Within Minutes of Starting

You'll Be A Player In the Bitcoin World

You'll Finally Be Safely Working With Cryptocurrency... And That's Just The Start

By that, I mean, by the end of this Action Plan, you will.


  • Own your own Bitcoin "private bank" and bank accounts. And you'll do it safely and securely. You'll also learn the differences between the types of accounts and why you'd want to use them. So you can build a life outside of the Great Reset's stated goal for you to own nothing.
  • Buy crypto with a credit card and/or bank account. So, when you want to invest in more crypto, you can do it easily at the drop of a hat.
  • Trade your Bitcoin for another Cryptocurrency. So, you can skyrocket your profits in this market. Turning $5,000 in to $1,000,000 is no longer even rare in this market.
  • Start earning interest on your bitcoin, just like a bank account (but better), so your savings are building every day.
  • Send your bitcoin to others, so you'll know exactly how to buy goods and services with your bitcoin. So, you can get goods and services from anywhere in the world, with virtually no bank fees.
  • Get your bitcoin back out into normal US (or Canadian) dollars. Or Euros… Or whatever. This is one of the areas EVERYONE asks about or makes them nervous.
  • Even discover how to get financing so you can invest in real estate, business expenses, etc., without spending your Bitcoin and other coins.
  • And do all of the above safely while avoiding scams and other "gotchas" of the crypto world. So you never have to worry about being taken advantage of again.
  • Plus much more.

And note: I didn't say you would only LEARN to do all those things... 

You'll Actually Be Doing All Of Them!


No Experience... No Technical Skill... No Big Savings Required To  Start...

The Banking on Bitcoin Action Plan is meant to take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step to getting started with bitcoin... And show you EXACTLY how you can do everything you can do with your current bank account... But better. 

Specifically, this is meant for you if...

  • You're brand new to Bitcoin and don't know how to get started buying, selling, trading, and/or using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 
  • You're looking for a step-by-step approach where we will work together to make sure you're successful in all steps you need to start buying, selling, trading, earning interest, and getting financing (if you want).
  • You sincerely believe that Cryptocurrency is the future and want to use it as a tool as part of your plans for personal, financial, location independence.
  • You have a credit card and bank account in your name, plus some money to invest (it doesn't have to be a lot, but you will be buying some Bitcoin during the program).
  • You have an ID such as a passport, driver's license, etc.

This isn't a course... It's the only Action Plan meant specifically to help you stop procrastinating and get started... Safely and Securely.

Difference #1:

No Boring, Complicated Theory

❌ Most of the information in other programs is technical jargon you don't need. 

At least, not yet.

You don't have to understand all of the nuances of trustless open ledgers, or fungibility, or atomic swaps to start taking advantage of the Cryptocurrency revolution.

Sure, that's stuffs great once you've made your first million or two. But until then, who cares?

You want to know how to get in, work with it, make money and get out.

And how this brand new technology can even replace your traditional, old school, antiquated bank accounts.

But at this stage you don't need to worry about the technical implementation of Segwit.

✅ Forget all the boring, blockchain technical terminology and confusion.

You want to get into Bitcoin and Crypto for at 1 of 2 reasons. Or, likely both.

1. You want to make craploads of money on the asset class that has made more millionaires than anything in our lifetime.

And / Or

2. You see digital cash as the future of money and banking. And you want to be on the side of freedom and liberty. Not on the side of a banking dictatorship where every transaction is tracked and controlled.

And that's exactly what this Action Plan will give you. Faster than you ever thought possible.

Can you see it?

This most important step to becoming one of the early, elite Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency adopters positioned to make millions...

Is to actually get started. So...

You might be wondering... "Is it even possible to make money and find more freedom in the Cryptocurrency Revolution"

If I Don't Have Any Bitcoin, Technical, Economics, Investing or Trading Experience? 

But you might be starting to worry that you missed the boat.

After all, while it's now clear to everyone that Bitcoin has been the world's top performing asset for the last 11 years running...

With its recent dip, you might be wondering, what is this "New Money" that everyone's been talking about?

Is it illegal? Will they ban it? Will it go to zero?

And most importantly...

The Secret Is Out... Bitcoin and Cypto Aren't Going Anywhere...

Is There Still Any Money to Be Made?

Hi, this is Glen from Palm Tree Research, and almost everyday, I get asked two things.

1.  How do I get started with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency? We'll get back to that in a second. And...

2. Am I too late?

Let's start with the second question first... Because it's easy to answer. But only when you look beyond the hype.

Everyone has heard stories about some guy who bough $5,000 worth of some little known cryptocurrency, and turned it into a million bucks in a couple months.

In fact, stories like that are no longer even rare.

But while everyone dreams about this big money paydays, they're not even close to being the most exciting part about getting into the cryptocurrency revolution.

And that's why there is still tons of money to be made. So...

Hell, no, you're not too late. In fact, we're barely even getting started.

Because the Truth is, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency...

Takes control back from the banks... And gives you to the greatest wealth building opportunity of your life

Bitcoin was the first successful attempt at giving real people like you ownership over your own savings. 

Over the last few years, more and more Cryptocurrencies have appeared on the scene to expand on their utility and value.

And they've made more millionaires and billionaires than ANYTHING else in our lifetime.

Better yet, they've given us back bulletproof security, control, and options formally only available to the ultra-wealthy.

So, that's why the banks, government, corporate media try to make using Crypto feel much harder than it really is. You see, they want you to think...

Here is EVERYTHING You Need To


Bitcoin Bank Account and Get Started With Crypto Today

Banking on Bitcoin and Crypto Action Plan (value $295)

​Minute by Minute Transcripts (value $29)

Renegade Insiders Group Access (value $99/year)

​Professional Notes (value $29)

​Crypto Leverage (value $29)

​ Fast-Action Bonus: Getting Off The Crypto Grid (value $29)

Total Value: $510 

$29 Today!

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7 Reasons

You Want to Start Bitcoin Banking with This Step-By-Step Action Plan Today:

✅ Reason #1: The Crypto Revolution is Just Starting 

Eventually, everyone will be using digital currency. But it's the early adopters who start now that will make the most profits, and be in a position to find the best opportunities. Starting today puts you ahead of 99% of the world.

✅ Reason #2: Bank Interest Rates are Horrible

Everyone knows the interest rate you get at the bank sucks. 1 or 2%. By the end of this program, you'll be earning up to 10% or more interest on your savings. Not to mention the money you'll make by being among the first in this market.

✅ Reason #3: Procrastination is Costing You Big

If you had taken this program only one year ago, I can guarantee your profits would have dwarfed the investment in this Action Plan. And that is if you had stayed conservative with Bitcoin. You could have also made 10,000% or more in other coins. But those opportunities aren't available until you open your first private Bitcoin account.

✅ Reason #4 Bank Services are Antiquated

Imagine being able to move money around the world in a heartbeat. To be able to pay your employees regardless of where they are. Imagine sending as much as you want, whenever you want, without being asked to justify a wire transfer. Once you discover the ease, speed, and low cost of banking with crypto, you'll wonder why you ever did banking the old way.

✅ Reason #5: You Want to be a Doer. Not a Learner 

Plenty of people are spending hours and hours on YouTube and expensive courses learning everything there is to know about the blockchain, NFTs, open ledgers, and more. But they aren't doing a damn thing with it. You're different, you want to take action. And right here, is your action plan.

✅ Reason #6: You Want to Get Personalized Answers 

Enrolling in this Action Plan qualifies you to join our Renegade Insiders private community in The Renegade Movement. Inside that group, you can ask questions and get personalized assistance from me, my team, and your other group members. This could be the most valuable part of this Action Plan, since if you're ever stuck or wondering, you'll get nearly instant answers to move you forward.

✅ Reason #7: Because More Freedom And Liberty Comes from Owning and Controlling Your Own Money 

When you deposit cash into a bank, it stops being yours. With a bank deposit, your are giving away your hard earned cash, and getting an I.O.U in return. Bankers have almost unlimited power over you and every aspect of your life, so you can never be free when you rely on their services. With Bitcoin, you are in charge of your domain. Its true ownership and true freedom.

The 4-STEP 

Action Plan For Banking with Bitcoin and Crypto



#1: Buy Bitcoin

I'll take you by the hand and open up your first private bitcoin bank accounts. We'll discuss the different types and why you would choose them

Then, we'll go ahead and buy your first Bitcoin. You're now a player in this exciting new world.

#2: Use it and Trade it





#3: Get Back to Cash

You'll also learn exactly how to get back out of crypto by selling your Bitcoin and getting cash back to your credit card or bank account. This is one of the questions I get asked the most, and you'll never have to wonder again.

Discover how to safely and securely exchange your Bitcoin and other cryptos for USD, CAD, Euros and more.

#4: Celebrate

Congratulations, you now not only own Bitcoin, you know how to buy it, sell it, use it, trade it, use it, and more

99% of the world doesn't know this stuff yet. But they will, and as they get on board, the value of bitcoin and other cryptos will continue to skyrocket.

Million dollar Bitcoin? 10,000% gains in other coins? You're ready for it.



Here Is EVERYTHING You Need To

Start Banking

With Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

The Banking on Bitcoin Action Plan

Step-by-step videos, screenshots, guides, links and more guiding you through EVERY step necessary to start a private bank with bitcoin, use your coins, trade them for other cryptos, and sell them back into fiat cash.

Bonus #1

Word for Word Transcripts

Get transcripts of every module so you can read through and follow the steps at your own pace.

Refer back any time you have a question or concern.

Bonus #2

Private Renegade Insiders Group Access

Ask questions, get clarification, and make friends with the team at Palm Tree Research and your fellow cryptocurrency and freedom advocates.

The Renegade Insiders group will offer exclusive videos, live presentations, and much more to help you take the next steps in your cryptocurrency journey.

We also have a few big surprises in store, making it like a private membership others pay hundreds for, every month.

The world needs more Renegades, signing up for this Action Plan gives you instant access to this new but rapidly growing group.

Bonus #3

Professional Notes

Get professionally written study notes of the entire  Action Plan program with all the most important pieces available at a glance.

Never question, "Where did I see that?" again. Its like having your own personal cliff notes writer along with you as you complete the program.

Bonus #4

Leveraging Crypto Session

Obviously Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are the best performing asset class of the last 10 years. But sometimes, you want other investments.

Like cash flow real estate or equipment for your business.

But by selling your Crypto to make those investments, you're losing out on potential stellar growth.

Well, what if I told you, with your private Bitcoin bank, you can get financing, just like with your other bank. Without credit checks... For anything you need.

And you don't have to give up your crypto to do it.

Learn all about leveraging your crypto for other investments in this bonus module. Truly making Bitcoin and Crypto the best private bank account that has ever existed.

The Time to Start is Now!

The member section with all the step-by-step walkthroughs and getting started documents is ready to welcome you . And if you decide to join the program today, I have a special bonus for you. 

Reserve Your Seat Before We Launch This FAST-Action Bonus And Get it Free

Soon, the bonus listed below won't be for FREE as a part of this Banking on Bitcoin Action Plan anymore. But you can grab it now for FREE in this early-sale period.

FAST-Action Bonus:

Get Off The Crypto Grid

Uncover the who, what, when, where, why and how of Non-KYC exchanges.

Non-KYC exchanges are a mystery to most people and feel like a type of dark web to others. But the truth is, there's  nothing illegal about using them, and they open up a world of opportuniees most crypto invstors never dream of.

Have you heard stories about instant millionaires created when 5 cent cryptos exploded to $16? Chances are those happened on a non-KYC Exchange.

Learn the details you need to know.

Value: $29

P.S. We’ll be selling this as an add-on course later, but you can get it for FREE only during this presale period.

Here is EVERYTHING You Need To

Get Started Banking

With Bitcoin and Crypto Today

Banking on Bitcoin and Crypto Action Plan (value $295)

​Minute by Minute Transcripts (value $29)

Renegade Insiders Private Group Access (value $99/year)

​Professional Notes (value $29)

​Crypto Leverage (value $29)

​ Fast-Action Bonus: Getting Off The Crypto Grid (value $29)

Total Value: $510 

$29 Today!

YES! I Want To Start Banking with Bitcoin

Gain Access To Your Banking on Bitcoin and Crypto Action Plan

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"Hi, I am Glen Kowalski...

… I've made it my life's mission to simplify your journey to finding more personal, financial, and location independence

A fierce freedom fighter, Glen's true passion is helping entrepreneurs and other libertarians, voluntarists, agorists, and freedom seekers who want to find complete and total freedom and liberty. In essence, to live a life without borders.

His work has appeared in and/or been used by The Dollar Vigilante, The Crypto Vigilante, International Living, Sovereign Society, David Morgan Report, Wall Street Daily, Hemisphere Publishing, and several other well-known businesses and publications.

Glen is living what he teaches, as an Unconventional Entrepreneur in the Republic of Panama, where he helps successful freedom-focused individuals worldwide invest in and use bitcoin and cryptocurrency, find more freedom, create more wealth, and pay less tax.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Take 30-days to experience EVERYTHING in the Banking on Bitcoin and Crypto Action Plan and if we do not exceed all of your expectations...

Even if you don't like the font or our video player...


And we'll send you a full, 100% refund, no questions asked.

During this time you can decide if it is worth the price. If not just send us an email to and we’ll send you a refund right away! 

Say BYE, BYE to...

  • Say bye bye to looking in from the outside, You've heard about people getting rich from bitcoin and cryptocurrency for years, but you've never gotten started. With this Action Plan, you'll not only start using Bitcoin and other cryptos, you'll be a successful user. 
  • Say bye bye to ridiculous bank fees, slow service, and puny interest payments. The banking system is rigged against you. Fees are too high, processes too involved, and interest is next to nothing. With a Bitcoin private bank, you can do everything the bank can do... Only better.
  • Say bye by to draconian oversight... Biden's administration wants you to report all transactions over a $600 threshold. His new treasure secretary nominee wants the government to have FULL control over your bank balance... Open a bank account that you truly own, control, and run in the way you want.

Now is the time.

Learn What's Important... Stop Procrastinating...

And Start Doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Banking on Crypto Action Plan for?

This Action Plan was created for anyone who is interested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but don't know how to get started. It takes you by the hand and guides you on buying your first bitcoin, using it for goods and services, trading for other cryptos, doing anything you can do with a normal bank account, and turning your bitcoin back into Fiat (USD, CAD, EU) cash.

How is it different from other courses?

First of all, its not a course. Its a step-by-step, day-by-day action plan. It doesn't just tell you what to do, but will walk you through getting your first Bitcoin and much more within minutes.

Is the content available right away?

Yes, the content is all available now in your members area.

The exception is the special pre-sell bonus. It's still being created, but you can secure it for free just by enrolling in the Action Plan today. Learn more about the bonus above.

I have zero technical skills and know almost nothing about Bitcoin and crypto. Is this right for me?

Yes! This Action Plan takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to get started while helping you actually do it.

There will be some theory, but only the basics you need to get started.

I already have a decent size Bitcoin portfolio, is this right for me?

Likely not. This Action Plan is aimed at getting started, getting your first Bitcoin, using it, and then moving back into FIAT cash.

We have other courses and workshops geared at more advanced trading strategies that would be more appropriate for your skill level.

What if I decide I don't like this Action Plan and its not right for me?

No worries. I stand by our work. if you don't like it, just write an email to within 30 days and we'll send you a full refund. 

Here is EVERYTHING You Need To

Get Started Banking

with Bitcoin and Crypto Today

Banking on Bitcoin and Crypto Action Plan (value $295)

​Minute by Minute Transcripts (value $29)

Renegade Insiders Private Group Access (value $99/year)

​Professional Notes (value $29)

​Crypto Leverage (value $29)

​ Fast-Action Bonus: Getting Off The Crypto Grid (value $29)

Total Value: $510

$29 Today!

If you have any questions or need further information, please email us at 

Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

Copyright 2021 @ Palm Tree Research

YES! I Want To Start Banking with Bitcoin

Gain Access To Your Banking on Bitcoin and Crypto Action Plan

YES! I Want To Start Banking with Bitcoin

Gain Access To Your Banking on Bitcoin and Crypto Action Plan

Click HERE to Claim Your Banking On Bitcoin and Crypto Action Plan

YES! I Want To Start Banking with Bitcoin

Gain Access To Your Banking on Bitcoin and Crypto Action Plan

Now that your a player in the Bitcoin world you'll discover how to use Bitcoin to pay for products and services. And how to get more Bitcoin from others. 

You'll also trade your Bitcoins for other Cryptocurrencies of your choice so you can take advantage of the spectacular growth and utilities of various coins.

And you'll uncover the secrets to replacing your FIAT bank account. Earn interest... Get financing... And much more. Just like a normal bank account. But better.

Stop Learning And Start Doing.

Difference #2:

We Don't Just Teach You... We Help You Get It Done

❌ Many course load you down with theory and technical jargon...

Most people thinking about getting into Bitcoin or cryptocurrency run into what I like to call "Analysis Paralysis."

They learn and learn and learn.

But then, when it comes to taking action, they don't know where to start.

I mean, if you wanted to become a full-time student, you would have stayed in school.

Knowledge is great. But only when it suits your goal.

✅ This isn't a course. Its a step-by-step Action Plan.

The Banking on Bitcoin and Crypto Action Plan is different.

Its all about guiding you through the steps you actually need to take in order to get started.

Sure, we'll teach you what to do...

But we'll also show you how to do it.

And then help you to get it done.

Follow the steps, and you will be a crypto owner, investor, AND user. And you'll understand exactly how to replace your bank account with your own Crypto-bank, because you'll have actually done it. Not just learned about it.

Stop Wasting Time And Money.

Difference #3:

No Paying Outrageous Fees

❌ Other Crypto courses and membership programs cost thousands

And sure, the profits that can be made in this market make it worth it. But do you really want to spend thousands of dollars when you are first getting started?

Why not save your money to buy more Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies?

Then later once you are comfortable and interested in the next steps, you can take more advance training on the areas that interest you.

We can help you out there too. 

But before you get that level, you want to be comfortable working within the crypto world.

✅ Get Started For Next to Nothing.

This Action Plan costs less than a cheap dinner out. And in the amount of time you'd spend waiting for your dessert, we'll have you interacting in the crypto-verse.

I never understood the lure of spending thousands of dollars on training. Especially when the fastest way to make money in Crypto, is to actually own some.

The price of this program is a complete steal. And it's a guaranteed way to get on the crypto train while its still early and there are plenty of millionaires (and billionaires) ready to be made.

Plus, the sooner you start, the sooner you'll be ready to embrace the digital money lifestyle that's coming whether you are ready or not.

Most people, unfortunately won't be. But you will.

YES! I Want To Start Banking with Bitcoin

Gain Access To Your Banking on Bitcoin and Crypto Action Plan

Sure, there are things you need guidance on... But with a couple hours and our step-by-step Action Plan, anyone can enter the Bitcoin universe and get started. Because with our guidance, you'll see how crypto works almost like the bank account you're using today. Only much better.

And the people who get in early, like you will today, can reap rewards in the form of wealth AND freedom that will last for generations.

Well, With Our Banking on Bitcoin Action Plan, You Can...


no experience... no technical skills... and no pre-existing trading or financial savvy.

In fact, by following our step-by-step Action Plan, you will...

You probably already know that the banks, bankers, statists, and elitists don't want you having anything to do with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies... 

Jamie Dimon from JP Morgan said, "I personally think that bitcoin is worthless."

But in August of 2021, JP Morgan started promoting Bitcoin to their highest level customers.  They just rolled it out with little fanfare so you wouldn't know about it.

Warren Buffett said, it's "probably rat poison squared."

But in February 2020, Justin Sun from Tron proved that Buffet was in fact holding Bitcoin even though publicly, he was still ripping it apart.


Hillary Clinton said, "Bitcoin is a threat to the dollar and its role as an international reserve currency."

Ok, I hope she's right, but only because traditional banking is so out dated. 

So the truth is, the government, rich bankers, and corporate elite don't hate Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency...

The Bankers Hate Bitcoin...

They Just Don't Want You To Have It


Because… What do the government and their billionaire buddies love more than anything else?

It's not money. They have more of that than they can ever spend.

It's about control. 

US President Joe Biden just introduced a proposal to have banks report all transactions over $600 to the IRS... He says they need it to force his billionaire buddies to "pay their fair share."

Outgoing US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen agrees, saying the measure closes the "enormous tax gap." Again blaming the billionaires. You know, the ones they party with every weekend.

Almost comical, right?

Not to be outdone by her predecessor, Sleepy Joe's new Treasure secretary nominee Saule Omarova joined the chorus.

She envisions a world where there are "no more private bank deposit accounts and all of the deposit accounts will be held directly at the fed."

Yes, those are her EXACT words.

The truth is, these elitists don't want you having control over your own money. Or anything else.

And they certainly don't want a bunch of brand new millionaires who have autonomy over their own lives.

So, it's in their best interest to make Bitcoin and other cryptos seem complicated, worthless, and a scam. 

To try to keep you as far away from them as possible. All while pillaging your savings to build themselves gigantic homes in the Hamptons.

So the truth is, while they say they hate it... They're all  (not so secretly) investing in it... They just hate you having it...

And you know, if they're still being so quiet about it...

There is still plenty of time to get on this Crypto train..

And... Not just because of the money to be made... But because Bitcoin and Crypto are creating the banks of the future.

That's why a revolution is coming.

And why we are certain that eventually EVERYBODY will be in Bitcoin and Crypto over the next few years.

But those who start today will be miles ahead of the game. And the other unfortunate souls will be left in the cold.

Because 98.7% of the world still doesn't own a single bit of Bitcoin.

And, that takes us to our first question from earlier...